MIC on Curve Stableswap is working as intended and MICv2 is trading at 0.97

  • In the first 48 hours, 75% (260K) of MISv1 has migrated to MISv2
  • MIC liquidity migration issue has been fixed, MIC-USDT Sushiswap LP tokens can be migrated to MICv2–3crv LP
  • MICv2–3crv LP token staking in the new Bank is still not working. Devs are working to resolve this ASAP.
  • Significant MICv1 has been rebased to MICv2 so far, resulting in fast growing liquidity in the Stableswap pool. We expect this to accelerate once the staking issue is resolved.
  • MIB redemption plan will be shared once migration is complete.

0xMaki joins MITH Cash as Advisor —Grand Plans Underway!

We’d like to welcome the leader of all things Sushi, 0xMaki, into our fellowship as our Advisor! MITH Cash started on SushiSwap from Day 1 and we couldn’t be more excited to power into the future with his guidance, as we become

the Lord of the Stables, One Stable to Rule Them All

Welcome Ser!