MITH Cash Rockstar Advisor Team

The Lord of the Stables; One Stable to Rule Them All

Founders of Origin Protocol:

Origin Protocol enables peer-to-peer commerce on the blockchain. Origin has created a protocol for creating decentralized ecommerce storefronts, two-sides marketplaces, and other blockchain solutions to connect buyers and sellers on the blockchain. Origin has also launched OUSD, a yield-bearing stablecoin targeted at the crypto mainstream as a high-yield savings account. In the future, Origin and Mith Cash may explore complementary strategies and new experiments and collaborations in the exciting stablecoin ecosystem to bring stablecoins to the mainstream.

Josh Fraser: Founder @ Origin Protocol

Josh started coding at the age of 10 and mined his first Bitcoin in 2010. Prior to Origin, he partnered with Matt to build multiple successful ventures, including PriceSlash (acquired by BillShark) and Alpha Series, a referral marketing company generating 7-figures of annual recurring revenue. Prior, he co-founded three other venture-backed companies: EventVue, Torbit (acquired by Walmart Labs) and Forage.

Matthew Liu: Founder @ Original Protocol

Matt is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding Origin, he cofounded PriceSlash and Alpha Series with Josh. Previously he was CEO and co-founder of Unicycle Labs. Earlier in his career, Matt was the 3rd PM/employee 25 at YouTube (acquired by Google), building out the company’s first content partnership and monetization products. He later served as VP of Product at both Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). Matt has an MS and BS in engineering from Stanford University. He’s been a crypto enthusiast since participating in the Ethereum crowdsale.

Founders of QCP Capital: Asia’s Leading Digital Assets Trading House

Darius Sit: Founder and CIO @ QCP Capital. Economic Advisor @ Algorand

Darius is co-founder and Managing Partner at QCP Capital, a digital asset trading firm headquartered in Singapore. Formerly a Macro Trader at Dymon Asia Capital, he spent years trading cross-asset derivatives with a focus on Asian FX/NDFs and model-based strategies before moving on to manage the Asia FX & Bonds book at BNP Paribas in New York. In addition to institutional trading, Darius has a keen interest in financial modeling. He has created and implemented asset allocation models for sovereign wealth funds and also developed predictive models for Asian currencies, many of which operate under managed float regimes. He brings this and his capital markets experience to crypto-asset trading. He has a particular passion for crypto-economics and has given advice to a number of crypto projects, including Algorand and Terra, on trading structures and strategies. An accomplished writer, Darius has published a number of thought leadership pieces on tokenisation of assets and authored the chapter on crypto-assets in the textbook “Fintech: The New DNA of Financial Services”. He can frequently be found at conferences speaking on the topics of cryptocurrency markets and trading infrastructure.

Joshua Ho: Founder @ QCP Capital

Josh is a lawyer and entrepreneur. He has built e-commerce businesses globally with Rocket Internet, launched ride-sharing ecosystems like Uber and GO-JEK across the Asia Pacific and is a seed-stage tech investor in frontier markets and verticals.

Dr. Lim Jin Li: Founder + CSO + Head of Research @ QCP Capital

With a Ph.D from London School of Economics, Jin co-founded QCP Capital with Darius and Josh, and currently heads up strategy and research at QCP Capital.



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