MITH Cash: The Quest Continues

  • $1.4B in the Seed Pools within 24 hours of launch
  • Integrations with major DeFi projects including Curve (MIC/3crv pool is live) and CREAM (MIC will be added as a collateral asset)
  • Our partnership with QCP Capital, Singapore, allows users all over the world to easily on- and off-ramp from fiat to MIC.
  • Collaborations with Harvest Finance and Pickle Finance allow users to auto-compound their LP yields.
  • On-boarded key advisors including the founders of Origin Protocol, founders of QCP Capital, and Dr. Christopher Thorpe as Chief Architect Advisor.

Integration with Typhoon Cash: Fair Launch + Mine PHOON with MIC and MIS

We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Typhoon Cash, a yield-capable private transactions protocol based on Tornado Cash.

  • Depositing MIC and MIS in the PHOON Seed Pools
  • Supplying liquidity to PHOON/MIC on Sushiswap.

V2 Roadmap (Draft)

The team has analysed all the ideas contributed by the community and distilled them into a feature set that we believe will ensure we lead at the forefront of the algo stables space:

  • Migration of tokens (issue a new set of tokens and exchange with current ones) to enable reallocation of MIS rewards.
  • Temporary Guardrails (while the ecosystem and marketcap are being built) like a tax could be applied to selling that happens below peg.
  • Replacing the current bond system with a tax.
  • Reducing total MIS supply / emissions rate in order to maintain balance (vs current sell>buy pressure).
  • Time-Weighted Boardroom.
  • Staggered rewards distribution so as to allow for the market to absorb the new supply.
  • Community Vaults
  • Lower fees for users compared to 3rd-party vaults
  • Symbiotic design. Vault profits will be redistributed within the ecosystem, capturing additional value for MIS stakers



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