Recap of Key Features in V2:

V1 to V2 Migration

How to migrate my MICV1 to MICV2?

Amount (MICV2) = Amount (MICV1) x Price (MICV1)

How to migrate my MIC-USDT LP?

How to migrate my MISV1 to MISV2?

How to migrate my MIS-USDT LP?

Brand new V2 Boardroom

Where to trade MICV2?

How to start earning from MICV2 value reallocation? Stake your MIS in boardroom

How to start earning MICV2 from seigniorages? Stake your MIS in boardroom

When is V2's first seigniorage?

Why are there honeybuckets below the boardroom rewards collection?

Brand new V2 Bank page

How do I add MICV2 liquidity?

How do I add MISV2 liquidity?

How do I earn MISV2 rewards?

The total supply of MISV2 is only 500K tokens!

How do I migrate MIB to MICV2?

Community Vault Users

I have unanswered questions regarding V2. Where do I get them answered?



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